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Ijazah Pertama



Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM MRSM 1997
Bahasa Inggeris 1
Satu Jam Lima Belas Minit

Hakcipta terpelihara Bahagian Pelajaran Menengah, MARA

SECTION A : Question 1 – 15

For each of the questions in this part of the paper you must read the question first and then look at the information which follows in order to find the answer. Then darken the corresponding option A, B, C or D to show the correct answer.

1.    "Do not forget to pack your warm clothes, knapsack with provisions, sleeping bag and blanket and your biking helmet."

What does this person intend to do?

    1. Go hiking
    2. Go camping
    3. Go for a picnic
    4. Go for a fishing trip



Iraq ready for oil exports

Iraq is ready to begin exporting oil immediately to European Asian markets under the oil-for-food deal with the U.N., official said on Wednesday.

We know that:

    1. Iraq can only sell to the U.N.
    2. European countries must buy the oil immediately
    3. Iraq can use the money from the sale to buy food only
    4. Asian countries must give food to Iraq in exchange for oil

3.    Based on a survey of leisure-time activities by Form Four students in your school, the pie chart below shows you that

    1. reading is not very popular
    2. nobody likes to do handicrafts
    3. most students prefer playing games
    4. students prefer outdoor activities to indoor games

4.    Kwong Yik telebanking transactions:

    • Balance Enquiry
    • Transfer of Funds
    • Utility Bill Payments
    • Housing and ASB Loan Payments
    • Kuala Lumpur stock exchange information

What does Kwong Yik telebanking offer?

    1. Change of Personal Identification Number
    2. Information about financial standing
    3. Foreign Exchange Information
    4. Cheque Books


5.    According to the graph, the monthly expenditure of the three income groups id least on

    1. food
    2. savings
    3. clothing
    4. books and magazines

6.    Based on the table shown which programme suits someone who loves to watch a forum on environmental issues?

    A. Your Opinion On - Deforestation
    B. Crossroads - High Society
    C. Mommies - Five Minutes Apart
    D. Vista - Aquaculture


Independence Day wins award

Santa Monica (California), Mon: Independence Day won best film and Mel Gibson was named best actor in the 23rd annual People’s Choice Awards, a fan’s popularity contest for film, television and music. Sandra Bullock was named best movie actress, and Seinfeld and ER were best television shows, all for the second straight year. Bill Cosby and Michael J. Fox for favourite male performer in a new television series. – Reuter

Who won the award for favourite actor category in a new television series?

    1. Mel Gibson
    2. Bill Cosby
    3. Michael J. Fox
    4. Bill Cosby and Michael J. Fox



Full automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement at the wrist. Fast and reliable reading. Small and lightweight. Easy-to-use and easy-to-store.

Retail price : RM458.00

Fre : KIN010

The Wrist Blood Pressure/Pulse Monitor

    1. is manually operated
    2. can be used and stored easily
    3. can be used to measure weight
    4. is specially priced at RM458.00


Conditions of Sales:

    1. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for delivery upon receipt of order
    2. Please fill in your requirement in this order form. For cardholders' convenience, please fax via 03-7937435 for immediate order
    3. Cash payment is strictly for walk-in customers only at the address stated below

For inquiries please contact: 03-7940631 (Kamala/Ana)

Customers should allow:

    1. Only two weeks to send in their orders
    2. At least a fortnight for the delivery of goods
    3. A minimum of two weeks before complaining
    4. A maximum period of two weeks for the delivery of goods


Massacre of elephant

BRAZZAVILLE (Congo): Authorities found some 200 slaughtered elephants whose tusks had been sheared off in what they said was worst ever case of poaching in Congo.

"Never in all my years as a forester have I seen such a massacre," said Dr. Oko Rufin Antoine of the Ministry of Water and Forests. "The horrible spectacle was enough to give you a heart attack." The poachers used rifles to kill the elephants, many of them either pregnant females or infants, and then cut off their tusks, leaving behind tons of rotting meat. -AP

From the report, we know that those people who killed the elephants

    1. had the license to hunt
    2. were illegal hunters
    3. had a gun license
    4. hated elephants

Questions 11 - 12

11.    Which of the following sentences best explains the sign below?





    1. You are not allowed to bring more than three garments to the fitting room
    2. You have to bring at least three pieces of materialinto the fitting room
    3. You must try at least three items before you can go into the room
    4. Fitting room is only for those who want to try three items

12.    The sign seen outside a house means:

To Let

    1. You are allowed to stay in the house
    2. You can rent a room in the house
    3. The house is for rent
    4. The house is for sale

Question 13 – 15

Complete the following dialogue between a Customs Officer and Amin by filling the blanks with the most acceptable form of the function given.

Amin is at the customs check point declaring his belongings.

Officer : Have you anything to declare?

Amin : No, nothing! I have got only some clothes.

Officer : I see you have got a leather jacket. 13. (to inform) _______________________.

Amin : Really! Hoe much?

Officer : RM200.00

Amin : 14. (to protest) ______________________.

It cost me only RM200.00 when I bought it.

Could you please reduce the tax a little?

Officer : I'm afraid I can't. 15. (to advice) _________________.

13.    To inform

    1. You have to pay tax on that
    2. You cannot tell lies to me
    3. How dare you say that
    4. What, only clothes?

14.    To protest

    1. It is up to you
    2. It couldn't care less
    3. What ever you want
    4. That's too much for me

15.    To advise

    1. I wish I can help you
    2. I am disappointed with you
    3. You should have bought it here
    4. We impose tax on all luxury items

SECTION B : Questions 16 - 25

Read the following passage carefully and then complete each of the blanks by choosing the best answer.

There’s a limit on how much waste the environment can take before it exacts revenge on us. As we become richer, our consumption balloons. And also __(16)__ our waste. There can only be one solution to this malaise. Recycle our waste. Solid waste in Malaysia __(17)__ considerably from 1.9 million tonnes in 1988 to 2.2 tonnes in 1992. Given this solution, Malaysian have no choice but to seriously consider recycling our garbage.

With landfill space shrinking and solid waste increasing on a per capita basis, recycling is the main solution __(18)__ waste disposal problems. Half of our waste can be recycled. It helps to extend the life of existing landfills. We are running out of waste disposal sites especially in urban areas. Recycling of high grade materials will __(19)__ revenue and increase jobs. Recycling also __(20)__ the cost of consumer goods and helps the enhancement of quality environment.

There are number of local authorities who have not much __(21)__ in its recycling programmes. The programmes failed because there was poor resident’s cooperation. __(21)__ they have placed 33 bins for disposal of recycled waste at several playgrounds. The respond is still not forthcoming. Some councils depend on the seavengers to do its recycling activities. However, this approach is __(23)__ due to the health hazards posed by the decomposing waste. Furthermore the materials are unclean.

Society as a whole are __(24)__ to change. The traditional purchase-consume-dispose cycle is difficult to break. It requires a philosophical and behavioural change among Malaysians in order to break the tradition which includes educating ourselves on the need __(25)__ the 4Rs : waste reduction, reuse, recycle and recovery. Otherwise, we will soon be wallowing in our waste.

Adapted from the Sun Magazine
June 25 1995

16. A. do

    1. does
    2. did
    3. are

17. A. have been increasing

    1. has been increased
    2. have increased
    3. has increased

18. A. on

    1. of
    2. to
    3. in

19. A. bring up

    1. bring over
    2. bring about
    3. bring down

20. A. reduce

    1. reduced
    2. reducing
    3. reduces

21. A. success

    1. succeed
    2. successful
    3. succeeded

22. A. However

    1. Eventhough
    2. Nevertheless
    3. Eventually

23. A. alarming

    1. hazardous
    2. dangerous
    3. nasty

24. A. hostile

    1. opposed
    2. envious
    3. resistant

25. A. to adopt

    1. adopted
    2. adopting
    3. will adopt

SECTION C : Questions 26 – 35

Read the following job advertisement and then answer the questions in the blank paces provided.


(A Member of Tiong Nam Group of Companies)

We are a progressive equipment distribution company, established in our field of business, we invite suitably qualified, self-motivated and dynamic candidates to fill the following positions:


(Based in Johor Bahru)

You will be responsible for intercompany/financial planning and inventory accounting. You must possess a CIMA or Degree in Accountancy with relevant supervisory experience.


(Based in Johor Bahru)

Reporting to the General Manager at the Head Office, you will be responsible to support the branches sales team. Good knowledge in Material handling Equipment/Power Generating Sets as well as overseeing the role of sales administration.


(Based in Johor Bahru/Kuala Lumpur)

Reporting to the General Manager/Branch Directors, you will be leading he after sales team. You should have a Diploma in Mechanical and or Electrical Engineering with at least a few years relevant experience.

An attractive remuneration and benefits package plus Company car will be offered to the right candidates for the above positions.


(Based in Johor Bahru/Kuala Lumpur/Malacca/Penang)

Good interpersonal and communication skills. Able to work independently with minimum supervision. Sales experience will be an advantage. On-the-job training shall be provided.

Successful candidates will be offered a competitive remuneration and benefit package, high commision and company car.


(Based in Johor Bahru/Malacca)

You must have experience in diesel engines/hydraulics or at least basic electrical knowledge.

Successful candidates will be offered high basic salary plus overtime and other benefits.


(Based in Johor Bahru)

At least SPM with minimum 2 years working experience in office administration duties. Must be computer literate. Position offers good prospect and career advancement.

Interested candidates, please write in to:
Lot 918, 18KM Jalan Kota Tinggi
81800 Ulu Tiram
Or Contact:
Mr. Ricky (Johor Bahru) Tel. No: 07-8614922/28
Mr. Ho Sooi Tai (K. Lumpur) Tel. No: 07-5118133/35
Mr. K. T. Chang (Penang) Tel. No: 07-5076168/7168

The people below are looking for jobs. Using the information given, which job is suitable for them. Write the post in the spaces given below.

  1. Adrian: He has been working at a workshop for two years. Repairing buses and lorries is not a problem to him.
  2. _______________________________________

  3. Molly : She is able to relate well with people, fresh from school and quick in learning new things.
  4. _______________________________________

  5. Aziz : He is a graduate who has been working with a high-tech company. He is looking for a job that can promise him a better future.
  6. _______________________________________

  7. She is a site engineer that requires her to go out. She is now looking for a job in the office that deals with people and management.
  8. _______________________________________

  9. Faizah : The last two years she has been working with the accounting department. Now she is looking for a job which is close to her family in Johor Bahru.

Look at the advertisement again and then complete the chart by filling in the position and experience needed.





Khamir is a sales clerk and able to use Windows and some other Basic language.



Andy is very dynamic and self-motivated. He is also very popular among his friends.



Suzana is not satisfied with her current pay. She is looking for a job that offers high salary but it must be related to technical field.



Reza is good at handling equipment and very responsible when it comes to his job. He also has leadership quality.



Rosie has good leadership quality. She has worked at the General Electric Company for 3 years.


SECTION D : Questions 36 – 50

Read the passage carefully, then answer the questions that follow.

Sunday, 2nd November, will remain in my memory because I did a very stupid thing. For some days my health had not been too good. The change of food and the constant humidity had caused a number of painful spots to form on my skin. I hoped to prevent them forming scabs by resting my weight on a little air cushion, the only one I had. Some clumsy movement must have knocked it overboard, a fact I only realized when I saw it floating a couple of hundred yards or so asstern. I lowered the sail, put out the sea anchor and dived in to fetch it. I am a strong swimmer and reached the cushion in a few minutes. Imagine my horror, when I turned round, to see the boat sailing off without me, too fast for me to be able to catch it. The sea anchor, normally shaped like a parachute, had become entangled and was no longer stopping the drift. It was quite clear that I would become exhausted long before I could overhaul it. At that moment L’Heretique very nearly continued the voyage without me.

When I was training to swim the English Channel in 1951, in top physical condition, I once swam for twenty-one hours. Weakend as I was I colud not possibly have equalled the feat. I abandoned the cushion to its fate and concentrated on the fastest swim of my life. I managed to cut down the distance a little, but then had difficulty in even maintaining it. Suddenly I saw L’Heretique slow down. I caught it up and just managed to hoist myself on board. By a miracle the cords of the sea anchor had disentangled themselves just in time. I was exhausted and swore it was the last dip I would take on the journey.

My marine neighbours became almost like family friends. There were five or six dolphins and a petrel, which paid me a flying visit every day at four o’clock. It was a little black bird, its tail feathers tipped with white, about as large as a sparrow. It puzzled me how it had managed to cover such distances to seek its food in the middle of the ocean. It approached me from astern every day, sometimes settling down in the sea after four little steps on the water, and disappeared the moment the sun set. The dolphins were much more faithful and stayed with me twenty-four hours a day. They were quite easy to recognise. In trying to catch them with my bent knife the first day, I had wounded them, and the marks still showed. I noted with interest that fish, like human beings, seem to heal slowly in sea-water. One of my dolphins had an open wound about the size of a 30 half crpwn towards the end of its back, and another had been hurt on one of its fins.

There were five or six I recognised in the same manner, and I gave them all names. The largest one I called ‘Dora’. She never left me, but took good care not to come near enough for a second thrust. She cast a fishy eye in my direction whenever she came near enough to the boat, and sometimes turned on her side to look at the sky. When the wind was slight and my speed dropped, they used to take quick runs at the dinghy and smack the floats with their tails, as if to ask why I was moving so slowly. They were joined regularly by newcomers, and these were the ones I managed to catch. All I needed was my bone hook, fixed to a length of string, baited with the flying fish I picked up every morning on my tent. I pulled the bait rapidly across the surface of the water, as if it was a flying fish skidding over the surface before diving again. The dolphins fought for it, like dogs for a bone, and one of them usually took the hook. All the new arrivals fell for this trap, but my old friends, knowing me too well, never as much as moved from their tracks.

During the night of 3rd November, I caught a long, thin, villainous-looking fish, with a mouthful of vicious teeth, which, by night, seemed to drip a sort of whitish poison. Curiously enough, in spite of the fight it had put up on the water, after one final contortion, it seemed to go dead the moment I pulled it aboard. Most fish flop around for some time after they are landed. I assumed it was a fish normally inhabiting great depths. Its eyes were huge in proportion to its head and its teeth enormous. I completely failed to identify it and in view of its menacing copper colour and the poisonous look of the slime it was dripping on my sleeping bag, where it had landed, I picked it up by the tail with immense care and threw it back in the water.

Adapted from Alain Bomhard
Diary (A French Doctor)

Answer the following questions briefly in a word, a phrase, or a sentence, when necessary.

  1. What did the writer do to prevent the boat from drifting away?
  2. [2 marks]

  3. Why did the boat drift away?
  4. [1 mark]

  5. What did he mean by "abondoned the cushion to its fate"?
  6. [1 mark]

  7. Why was he unable to catch up with the boat even though he was an excellent swimmer?(Give 2 reasons)
  8. [2 marks]

  9. What enabled him to catch up with it eventually?
  10. [1 mark]

  11. Who were the writer’s marine neighbours? (Name 2 of them)
  12. [1 mark]

  13. According to the writer, how is fish similar to human beings?
  14. [1 mark]

  15. In your opinion , what made Bomhard think of his marine neighbours as "almost like family friends"?
  16. [2 marks]

  17. What would the dolphins do when the writer’s boat slowed down?
  18. [1 mark]

  19. Why was Bomhard able to catch the "new arrivals" but not "his old friends"?
  20. [2 marks]

  21. Why did the fish the writer caught look villainous?
  22. [2 marks]

    Find words in the passage which means the same as the underlined words below.

  23. By the time we arrived at the camping site, we were very tired and fell flat on the ground.
  24. (para 1)

    [1 mark]

  25. The rescue team focused on saving as many lives possible in the earthquake disaster.
  26. (para 2)

    [1 mark]

  27. The game warden went near the frightened little bear with in his hand.
  28. (para 3)

    [1 mark]

  29. The ferocious lion tore at its victim hungrily.
    (para 5)

[1 mark]

[20 marks]


Each of us given a pocketful of time to spend however we may
We use what we will
We waste what we will
But we can never get back a day....

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